How To Play

It’s football, it’s bowling.
Born at Speedway, raised in Detroit.

It’s competitive, it’s fun.
It’s The Football Bowling Pin Game called Fowling™ at The Fowling™ Warehouse.

The game is simple. Grab a football and a partner. Take turns throwing the football and try to knock down all ten of your opponents’ pins before they knock down yours.

There are rules on who goes first, what constitutes a strike, how you can one with one throw (called a BONK™), and more.  We even thought of Fair Up’s for final throw and sudden death overtime.  Never played quarterback in high school? No problem, you can throw overhand, underhand, sidearm or even shot put the ball.

If you love The Football Bowling Pin Game called Fowling™ as much as we do, you can join one of our weekday leagues.  Just want to drop by?  We have Open Play 7 nights a week.

Any more questions? See one of the referees on the lanes and they’ll help you and your group learn more about The Football Bowling Pin Game called Fowling™.

To reserve a lane or book a party, call us at 313.264.1288

Open Play is only $10 per person

21+ Monday – Friday

Family Friendly 11am – 6pm, Saturday & Sunday

Kids must be 10 to play

No reservation is required for Open Play!